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ICE TOTALLY GAMING 2018 – The Marketplace for iGaming

If you are into iGaming like I am, you will have heard of the premier conference about iGaming in London.

ICE Totally Gaming is an international B2B event that has yearly tens of thousands of visitors. These visitors consisted of gamers as well as industry experts. The whole industry attends, including online, mobile gaming, and even payment solutions.

I just came back from ICE 2018 and I must say it was amazing. Apart from meeting a lot of interesting people, the shows they offer at their booths are jaw dropping.

Also, while ICE is going on there are other conferences in the area and all over Europe. So, a trip makes it so much more worthwhile because you get to attend all of these other conferences and you don´t have to travel too far.

Anybody who is known as well as new in the industry can be found here.

Ice Totally Gaming London 2018 1024x642 - ICE TOTALLY GAMING 2018 – The Marketplace for iGaming

Exhibitors include:

BBIN – With 20 year experience, BBIN is one of the leading iGaming software supplier in Asia.
EveryMatrix – EveryMatrix is an independent company offering award-winning software solutions to the iGaming industry. It was founded in 2008.
Evoplay – Evoplay is an international vendor of gaming products. We aspire to develop products to ensure users get the best playing experience.
Aristocrat – Aristocrat is an ASX100 listed company and one of the world’s leading providers of gaming solutions. Their games can be found around the world.
Betsoft – Betsoft is one of the leading online providers. Famous for their 3D interactive games, they have risen to the top in the recent years.
Asia Gaming Brief – Asia Gaming Brief is an intelligence service providing up to date market information for worldwide executives on relevant gaming issues in Asia.
Endorphina – They supply top quality games with unique themes, beautiful graphics and high volatility mathematics. The majority of their development team comes from a land-based background.
Asia Live Tech is an iGaming Software Provider in Asia which provides cost-effective White Label solutions, licensed iGaming offices for rent, and Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies online operators.
Ezugi – Ezugi is an innovative live dealer technology provider, both for online operators and land-based regulated markets.
Even other conference hosts like G2E are attending, as well as major Licensors, such as Alderney, Pagcor, Curacao, and of course a lot of people from Malta.
Vivo Gaming – Vivo Gaming is proud to be the leading interactive provider for Live Dealer games.
Sporting Solutions – Sporting Solutions combines market-leading technology with renowned trading expertise to create superior turn-key pricing and trading solutions for operators across football and 20+ additional sport.
Quickspin – They are a Swedish game studio developing high-quality video games for the free to play, social and the online gaming market.
Play’n GO – They are a gaming specialist and the leading mobile iGaming developer. Their games are designed for great performance on smartphones, tablets, terminals and websites.


Other Conferences and how to attend

As mentioned there is also LAC and ExCel going on. These are great for affiliates.

For example, the London Affiliate Conference is the standout show in the iGaming affiliate space. If you want to start conversations with the biggest affiliates, operators and affiliate programs in the world, this is the show for you.

LAC affiliate conference - ICE TOTALLY GAMING 2018 – The Marketplace for iGaming

Clearly ICE, LAC and ExCel are an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to meet the people behind the industry.

ICE is free and open to visitors over 18 years old. To attend the ICE 2019, all you need to do is to go to their homepage and register.

The Wormhole

Project Description

The Wormhole is a fast paced tower defense game, which is reminiscent of that old, but awesome game called Missile Command. Unlike Missile Command in “The Wormhole” you will be tasked to defend the planet from asteroids with a variety of missiles at your disposal!


• 6 unique rockets (more if funded)
• 7 unique asteroids/meteors (more if funded)
• 10 randomly created levels (asteroids are not scripted they will come at different times each time you play the level!)
• A special reward after every level you beat 🙂

Funding Purpose

• If the project is successfully funded, most of the money will go towards buying testing equipment to make sure that on launch date the game works flawlessly on the greatest amount of phones and tablets the android OS is installed on.

• Another good chunk of the funding will go towards art assets. My art skills are amatuer at best so, in order to create a fun, but also pleasing to the eye game the funding will go towards the help of a real artist.

• Add new and awesome features like leader boards and achievements.

• Also, the funding will go towards the possible porting of the game to IOS, if the game is somewhat remotely successful :).

• Funding will also be used to keep a decent supply of ramen noodles in the kitchen cabinet 🙂


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Zombie Bears

Project Description

Bernard bear and her daughter Molly live peacefully and were hibernating to wait Spring. After 6 months of heavenly sleep the wake up to a nightmare. Hordes of strange looking bears, thirsty for cotton, attack father and daughter. After escaping the first horde Molly is taken to a lab by scientist, the claim she has the cure for the infection.

Bernard then embarks on an journey to find Molly, recruiting bears in his path, the bear zombie resistance. More than 10 different zombie bears and an exhilarating 8 levels campaign take you through woods, cities, sewers and much more to find Molly, but beware, no success is without sacrifice and if you are not skilled enough you will have to use bears of the resistance to protect

Game Features

– You are not alone in this journey. Find and recruit bears from the zombie resistance to fight alongside with you. They are willing to die for you so use touch gestures to send them out and distract the zombies, but beware, you may be sending them to their dead.

– 8 action packed levels of exhilarating gameplay await you. Use rocks, slingshots and bows to defeat the zombie horde and vicious bosses.

– Gameplay that responds to the time raises the difficulty depending on the time you play the game. We know you love to play zombie games at night but hey, zombies are more nasty at night!, so expect increased difficulty!you, and fight another day.

Game Features

– You are not alone in this journey. Find and recruit bears from the zombie resistance to fight alongside with you. They are willing to die for you so use
touch gestures to send them out and distract the zombies, but beware, you may be sending them to their dead.


– 8 action packed levels of exhilarating gameplay await you. Use rocks, slingshots and bows to defeat the zombie horde and vicious bosses.


– Gameplay that responds to the time raises the difficulty depending on the time you play the game. We know you love to play zombie games at night but hey, zombies
are more nasty at night!, so expect increased difficulty!
Funding Purpose
We are currently working on the stills and animation frames but we need more designers! Our lead designer is the best and dying for some padawans to take the workload together and be able to complete all zombies.
Voices, fx´s, music. We have a guitar player and a piano player but we need actors for bear grunts and effects!
Programmers are currently living on redbull and coffee so it would be nice to hire more so they can get decent sleep, and complete the game
Most of all we would use the funding for buzz in social networks, magazines, ad, radio and create hype!


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Cardboard Tokens

Project Description

Getting a small production set up to make custom cardboard tokens.

Funding Purpose

Your contributions will go directly towards the set up of die cutting equipment and printing materials.
If funded I’ll be able to provide services for sheets of 70 double sided tokens that are 3/4″ in diameter. These are excellent for game money, player pieces, prototyping games and anything you can think of.
What is die cutting?
Essentially, die cutting is like using a cookie cutter. A die (cookie cutter) is made out of wood and metal to make it easy to cut the same shape over and over again, very accurately. A hydraulic press is used to push the die in to the material to be cut. In this case the material is chip board with a permanent label attached to it.
Materials needed for set up:
I’ll have to buy a 12 ton hydraulic press like the one shown here:
I’ll also need to buy the die itself. There’s a local company that will make them for me & if I surpass the funding needed I’ll be able to offer more shapes to cut!
Lastly I’ll need all the materials for physically making the tokens. Mostly chipboard and paper. The printing I can have done at a local print shop to ensure the highest quality possible.
Risks & Challenges
Full disclosure: I’m new to the crowd funding thing, this is my first project. Having said that I’ve put a lot of thought in to this and worked with my single cutter to make good quality tokens already. The die cutting is a simple process and I anticipate no issues aquiring the materials.


****All rewards can be redeemed up to a year after the project ends****
At the $9 pledge level I can provide you with one sheet of 70 tokens. They’re 3/4″ in diameter. You’ll provide the artwork and I’ll mail you the tokens anywhere in Canada or the US!
At $12 I’ll send you 70 coins like thoes shown below. Choose your design! As the project grows I can provide different themed coins as well. Great for role playing games or the prototypes you want to send to publishers!

$17 gets you two sheets of custome tokens, mailed to anywhere in Canada or the US.
$1 or more
Thanks for believing in this project!

$9 or more
One sheet of 70 – 3/4″ diameter custom tokens.

$12 or more
70 – die cut coin tokens.

$17 or more
Two sheets of custom tokens. 140 pieces for your new game!

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Nuclear Eclipse Online

Sci-fi Nuclear Fallout first person shooter with RPG elements…oh yeah, and mutant zombies.

Project Description

Hello all, my name is Steve and I appreciate you taking the time to read about my project. This is my first co-developed title for my platform called Nuclear Eclipse Online also known as N.E.O that takes place in a world envisioned to be Fallout 3 meets Halo. NEO is a Free-to-Play Sci-fi shooter that has been in development for almost 2 years.
NEO is being developed by my team here in the US under the name Boiling Core Entertainment and an outsourcing company in Beijing China that also worked on titles like Halo 3. The team behind Boiling Core has years of experience making and playing online games, and this project is the culmination of lifetimes devoted to online gaming. Other than me on the US side the team works part-time, around other jobs and our outsourcing studios work on milestone payments & future royalties. Since I am self-funding this project this causes a lot of delays, bottlenecks, miscommunication and stress. And that’s what has brought me to GameLaunched.
So, where are we at? We have been working on NEO for awhile now and it’s almost ready. We are shooting for a closed beta in February and a planned open beta at the end of March. The internal tests have all been positive, but the game needs a lot more polish to the Western version before we are ready to open it up to players. We need to rethink some things and fix some bugs. One thing personally is the art direction as far as character models. The mutant zombies just aren’t mutant-y or zombie-y enough for my taste yet.
Main Features at Open Beta: With your support we will be able to go to open beta with NEO this Spring with the following features:
• 8-10 Game Maps, that includes
• 2-3 PvE mission maps.
• Game Modes; like King of the Hill, Killing Machine, Capture the Flag, Zombie Apocalypse, etc.
• 8 Sets of mixable equipment that includes
• 7 pieces each (Avatar customization) 5 different basic Avatars to customize
• 16 Weapons with 22 weapon modifications 3-5 Vehicles.
• Mutant Form: Very Unique to N.E.O is your Mutant form. Players will be able to switch between their normal soldier form and mutant forms in battle. Each form of the player is fully customizable. You can have a sniper soldier and a melee mutant, or a Gatling gun mutant form with a Samaria sword wielding soldier form.

I wanted a map that can have air combat, but that might be a Stretch goal. The PvE missions are unique, in that they have multiple difficulty levels with different rewards for each run. The PvE missions can be done solo or with a team.
Funding Purpose
This will go to server cost, but mostly the additional customer support staff to do a final polish to the US version.

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Huntsman: The Orphanage

Project Description

Huntsman: The Orphanage a 3D first-person walkthrough of an abandoned orphanage and its rambling grounds and hedge mazes, where your only weapon is your wits and your only equipment is your mobile phone – lucky you loaded it with a torch app! Find the missing orphans trapped in other threads of time and space, re-unite them with their most treasured possessions to help them find a way back, and avoid coming face to face with… the Huntsman!

That’s right folks, no guns. Also no blood, violence or corpses. This is an experiment in just how scary an immersive experience can be when you remove gore from the game. So who is it aimed at then? Anyone who enjoys the sensations of fear and  tension that good story-telling and immersion in the plot can bring. The project is enjoying interest from a very wide demographic – all ages, genders and nationalities; this may be the gaming alternative for the thinking person as well as the gamer who wants to explore alternatives to the cliche of shooting everything in sight.

Go Visit: Homepage

Game Description:
The human fear of the dark is innate within us all; we may conquer it to a certain degree, but never fully suppress the chill of unease it harbours. For millennia our ancestors have gathered around the flickering light of the fire, seeking succour from its warmth and the wisdom of insight offered by the multitude of visions of wild game, predators, allies, enemies and creatures with no name at all writhing within the shapes cast by the dancing flames; light has always been a portal to other dimensions, beyond these earthly realms.
But place your faith in the light at your own peril, for just as darkness conceals, so light reveals – and in the portal between those two worlds, lives… The Huntsman.

The Huntsman thrives in the darkness, effortlessly weaving and unravelling space and time through all the centuries, seeking the lost and the lonely, the orphaned and the bereft. Some say he came to be in our particular thread of reality in the 14th century, attracted by the misery wrought by the Black Plague of Europe and clad in the black-leather guise of a Plague Doctor… come face to face with him in the here and now at your own risk – he hunts within the half-light, the world his unsuspecting prey blindly see as safe, only to secret his victims within the realm he most adores – the blackness.

Grimhaven Orphanage, Illinois, USA… the place where you come face to face with your past, your fears, your future – and the legendary Huntsman! Here one fateful night, way back on June 17th 1898, a dozen children disappeared… seemingly without a trace. Yet, traces do remain.

Back in the present day, here you are – visiting the crumbling overgrown edifice of that same orphanage, urged on by your curiosity and the rising swell of cries for hard evidence that The Huntsman may actually exist. Even as you explore the abandoned buildings and investigate the truth behind the tragedy, you risk becoming a victim of The Huntsman yourself – he still stalks the paths and hallways, and his embrace is inescapable.

Clamber over the overgrown hedges one moonlit night, tentatively step inside through the broken front doors, flick on your phone’s torch app so you can see where you’re going. Shine it around the aging brick walls… the orphanage has obviously been deserted for many years, yet, something in the air is changing – there is a stirring, you can feel it.

Exploring the crumbling rooms, casting your light over the disused pots and pans in the scullery, looking out from the dirty windows over the back yards, the rambling old memorial hedge maze and its ‘hanging tree’, the old chapel. In the murky back corner of what must have been the music room rests an old German piano, dusty, crooked, neglected for so long. Listen – can you hear those distant yet clear notes of music – it’s altogether complex, plaintive, haunting – an eerie expression of the grief and misery of a young orphan lost in time?

Climb the rickety stairs to the rows of cots lining the low-ceiling dormitories, a pair of iron scissors dangling above each little bed to guard the infants from the changling-maker fairies… a child’s toy rolls across the floor to your feet and as you go to pick it up, your phone crackles to life – an image is trying to form on the screen… someone is trying to communicate… there are cries for help through the white noise – is that a child’s face… from another time, but perhaps, the very same place?

Could there be a deeper set of motivations, personal discoveries, twists and turns to this journey through the dank, cramped brick-walled rooms of the abandoned Grimhaven Orphanage? Will your discoveries reveal more than you bargained for, as the layers of time and space are peeled back one by one? Are there unknown links between you and the faint sounds of those lost children’s voices, their half-seen faces straining and struggling to communicate to you through the electronically-sensitive medium of your own phone, and can you save them all from another 100 years of darkness and solitude?

It seems that parallel to your search for the truth, you must also save the soul of your own ancestor, the missing orphan Charley – or you may cease to exist yourself. Twists in time and tears in the fabric of space provide glimpses of the terrifying events of that night, and as you piece together the stories behind the disappearances and the rumours of The Huntsman, you learn of shocking connections to the haunted young Charley.

Follow the clues, do as Charley asks you, find him, bring him back, or cease to exist yourself!





About Shadowshifters: 
We’re a bootstrapped indie start-up in the rainforest mountains of the Australian Hinterland. Our mission is to explore alternative ways to give you the tingles you crave!

MEET THE TEAM (so far!)
Core Team:

DENE WARING – Director/Producer
PAMELA WARING – Story Advisor, Character Scripting
MACKENZIE WARING – Story Advisor, 3D Props
TOBIAS WARING – Story Advisor, Music

3D, Programming & Art: 
EVAN HSU – Ex ‘Silent Hill’
OLIVER COOK – Ex ‘L.A. Noire’
DALE MACKIE – Creature Design – Ex ‘I, Frankenstein’
TOM BANWELL – Creature Mask Design – ‘Ichabod, the Plague Doctor’
GRAEME CALLANDER – Concept Artist – Ex ‘Sanctum’, ‘Red Dwarf’, ‘House of Wax’, ‘Ghost Ship’
JON TILLER – Unity Dev
WALTER PULLEN – Maze Designer Extraordinaire!
SEB CORSON – Creepy-Toys-R-Us!
HENRIK ASKANIUS – Architecture

TOBIAS – ‘Charley’
CHLOE – ‘Rose’
CODY DINGFIELD – Voice ‘Narrator’
HATTERGAL – Voice ‘Dorothy’
PURITYSIN – Voice ‘Hattie’

MORGAN JAFFIT – ‘Heroes Call’,

What the media are saying about Huntsman: The Orphanage:

KOTAKU.COM: “Ooo… creepy! …Rose, who begs you to help her find her ribbon… My guess? She’s gonna eat your face. Don’t find her that ribbon.”   PENNY ARCADE: “…how a circus shooting “mistake” led to a horror game without violence”   VENTUREBEAT: “Life experience of gun violence motivates indie to developblood-free horror-survival game…”   IGM: “…a whole new take on the horror genre. In an attempt to move the gameplay away from the long standing tradition of being violent and full of gore, into something altogether different and even more creepy…”   DAJAY: “…may become something along the lines of Resident Evil 4 for the new generation of gamers, and truly innovate what is becoming a dying genre…”    JAYISGAMES: “The new design looks fan-freakin’-tastic, and to see the developers rally to the creative challenge instead of rolling over is really inspiring”    GAMERSYNDROME.COM: “…has a lot more substance than anything else I’ve seen… the plot about saving a young boy’s spirit is rather brilliant… branching out into the domain of true story telling.”    UNREALITYMAG.COM: “It’s hard not to be impressed…”    COSYGAMING: “…features a much greater emphasis on plot and back story than any of the games I’ve mentioned… I think this could be a dark horse…”    CASUALGAMEPLAY: “…looks like it’s going to be a deliciously spooky adventure. Keep your eyes peeled, and the lights on.”    RIPTEN:“…a true horror tale…”

What the Greenlight voters are saying:
“The more I see of this game’s production, the more I sincerely feel that this will redefine horror/suspense games. You’re certainly setting the bar incredibly high.”    “Scarier than Amnesia…”    “This could very well be the next zombie horror survival game – it could be as or even bigger than Dayz was…”    “… it’s bloody freaky”    “Creepily awesome.”

Funding Purpose

This indie game has a real back-story, over a dozen complex characters – each with their own life story to tell – and a range of free choice for the player with decisions to be made that affect the in-game experience! That all means many, many hours of coding by people smarter than me, and they need to eat (apparently it helps their concentration), and that in turn means we need to pay them a little something for their skills. We’ve already built a playable scene that has laid the coding foundations, and now you can help by funding the remaining tasks for the game’s full release!

We have a talented team of contributors who have game and movie credits ranging from Silent Hill and LA Noire to Sanctum and House of Wax – and one or two of them need to eat occasionally in order to produce their best work! This is our FIRST GAME, with no revenue stream from earlier releases to help fund this one – and that’s where you can come in!

To help our artists and animators maintain their basic body functions while they breathe life into our game’s creepy, malevolent time-and-space-warping antagonist character The Huntsman, we need YOU to chip in for pretzels while they model, rig and animate his 7-foot-tall four-legged ungodly self!

Our baker’s dozen of in-game characters are actually… REAL PEOPLE! That’s right, to make this game we are filming actors and integrating them into the 3D world you explore and interact with – plus, each character is voiced by a (wait for it…) voice actor! Now while that approach is different, and while it allows things to happen that we just couldn’t afford to do in 3D, and it’s not as expensive as modelling and animating 3D characters… it still requires some funding to make it all happen!

Farm Feud

Project Description

Howdy GameLaunched community and thank you for stoppin’ by our campaign. We’re Obscene Media, a newly formed indie game development studio, and we’d like to invite y’all into the world of Farm Feud. We understand that there are plenty of other projects out there and we are truly grateful you’ve taken the time to sit-a-spell and check out ours. To maintain the farm-related theme throughout our campaign, you may encounter some silly language that might not make sense. Until we can get our hillbilly-to-English translator up and running, please feel free to get up with us (contact us) for your translational needs. In the meantime, watch our video, scroll through our pictures, and wet your britches from laughter. Yeeehaw!!! And don’t forget to mosey on over to the right side of the screen and make a pledge. Thank you kindly.

Farm Feud follows the story of a small group of barnyard critters, and some mutual varmint acquaintances, who are fed up with life on the farm and are resistant to the inevitable journey to the slaughterhouse.

Convinced that the farmer is controlling the minds of the other animals by drugging the food and water supplies, our heroes decide to take it upon themselves to gather up any weapon they can make or find, in the event they are forced to fight back against their captor and his hired hands. Unfortunately, they soon realize that their suspicions are correct and that the farmer’s maniacal plans are more gruesome than they could have ever imagined — building a partially-organic, somewhat-hormone-free, frozen-meal empire.

Faced with a future filled with severed limbs, fatal-levels of preservatives, cardboard coffins, and freezer burn, the time for escape is now. They must kill their way through a blockade of the farmer’s obedient, zombie-like army who are compelled to prevent our heroes from escaping.

Over the next few months, we’re fixin’ to take Farm Feud from what you’ve seen in the video above and transform it into a gussied-up, wild adventure full of crazy characters and mild cartoon violence…okay maybe slightly excessive cartoon violence.

We have designed the backgrounds, minions, and bosses for six full levels, 42 sublevels. However, we don’t think it’s good enough. We want this game to be granny-slappin’ good and we want you to have a hankerin’ for stayin’ up all night playin’ it with your friends. Here’s what you can expect to see from levels 2-6:

For those of you animal lovers out there, you’ll be glad to know that the animals will finally be able to fight back and go head-to-head with the butcher in the slaughterhouse.

Funding Purpose

First of all, a crowdfunding platform for games is dag gum amazing. We figured this was the perfect place to introduce the world to Farm Feud and we hope you like what we have to offer. Our goal is to make our first game the best possible version it can be, and we need your help to do that. We have completely bootstrapped this project, thus far, and we are now skipping meals, ridin’ horses instead of drivin’, picking up odd jobs, etc. just so we have extra money to apply to the game and make our dream your reality. We have so many features we want to add to the game, such as multiplayer game play, more minions, more levels, bonus levels, crazy weapons, and so much more but we just don’t have the financial means to deliver.

From pitchforks, cowpie bombs, and calfling guns to machine guns and flame throwers; we’ve got you covered!

With that being said, every dollar we raise will go back into the game, not our pockets. Each pledge goes toward programming costs, your reward fulfillment, and fees paid to GameLaunched (approximately $900); that’s it. No salaries will be paid, office space leased, or farms purchased from your donations.

Because we are the creative minds behind the game, we have contracted with a team of programmers to help us make and finish Farm Feud. We’ve been working with them for awhile now and what you see in the video above is actual, programmed gameplay (but not finalized gameplay). We’re confident they can deliver a great experience to you and in a very cost-efficient manner for us.

Although we wanted to refrain from piecing the game out over an extended period of time, we want to get it in your hands ASAP and with all the cow bells and whistles possible. And because we’re new to the gaming industry and lack a substantial fan base or the ability to name drop games we’ve worked on or companies we’ve worked for, we’re taking a giant step back to prove ourselves to you.

We’ve got to start somewhere and for now, we’re asking for your support to help make Level 1: Fly the Coop, in all of its violent glory. As early stage supporters of our project, not only will you receive Level 1; you’ll get the entire game as well, as soon as we can make it, and before it’s officially released (date TBD). Plus, we’ll even throw in a new playable character that will only be available to our crowdfunding backers.

What you see is not what you get. Our video demonstrates the most bare bones gameplay possible and with temporary graphics. The final version will have so much more than a few critters with machine guns and rifles shooting chickens. You’ll get complete and polished graphics; more bad guys; more challenges like the Egg Grabber Death Claw and the Incubator Death Lamp (shown above); secret locations; help from other animals (hawk backup) and insects (ant attack), and of course, alien attacks.

We also want to make sure that we can get Farm Feud on as many platforms as possible. Currently, we are planning the initial release for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) however, with your support and upon completion of the entire game, we plan on expanding to Google Android, Windows, and Mac.

We want to make sure Farm Feud gets in the hands of anyone who wants to play it and because of that, every backer contribution will come with a copy of the iOS game (additional gaming platforms are dependent on meeting stretch goals). Additionally, we want to go above and beyond and offer what we think are some amazing rewards to our awesome backers, I reckon.

We want to thank you for taking the time to stop by our GameLaunched campaign, learning more about Farm Feud, joining our community, and most importantly supporting us as we move forward with a dream. Thank you from all of us at Obscene Media.

Visit homepage: Game Launched