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Have you ever wanted to fuse two or more ideas in a game? Have you ever wished that there could be a game that is set in the future, but is also somewhat medieval? Have you ever imagined a game with magic and machines combined? All of these questions can


There are lots of types of horror games, but the most frightening among all is the type that triggers you psychologically. These horror games often have a longer effect on players compared to those games that only frighten players during the game. The game about to be introduced is a

11 FPS Games That You Should Know About

  If you're into playing as a shooter and always wanted to play in a first-person perspective then you must be quite familiar with the list of games about to be introduced. But if you're not familiar with them yet, then take your time to know each of them so that

PES is back with PES 2018

Just when you thought you can't play soccer with your hands, Konami just released its latest installment in the game series Pro Evolution Soccer, the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018 was released worldwide last September 2017. The game is available on platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation

GameLaunched FAQ

What does early access mean? -Early access games are alpha versions of the games that are yet to be released. They are often used to let interested players or other personalities to test out the game before it is released to the public. Early access allows the developers to receive

The Launch Crew

Playing a game is the same as dealing with our challenging lives. We don't know anything at first so we might commit mistakes. We view other person's experiences in life to learn and apply them to ours. We look for tools to use to help us continue living. We might

ICE TOTALLY GAMING 2018 – The Marketplace for iGaming

If you are into iGaming like I am, you will have heard of the premier conference about iGaming in London. ICE Totally Gaming is an international B2B event that has yearly tens of thousands of visitors. These visitors consisted of gamers as well as industry experts. The whole industry attends, including

Nuclear Eclipse Online

Another unique FPS (first person shooter) game aside from Call of Duty: World War II has emerged. Read about Call of Duty: World War II here. However, instead of looking at the past, the game that will be introduced is futuristic, just like the acronym of the game. It is Nuclear

Zombie Bears

You were passing by an unknown place when you suddenly heard strange sounds. As you looked ahead you realized that there's a zombie in front of you, creeping slowly towards you. As you tried to run away, a huge, hungry bear is running towards you. Where would you go? If you

The Wormhole

The Wormhole is a fast-paced tower defense game which is similar to Missile Command. The objective of the game is for you to defend the planet from asteroids with a variety of missiles at your disposal. You need to decide how to manipulate the missiles to your advantage and successfully