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There are lots of types of horror games, but the most frightening among all is the type that triggers you psychologically. These horror games often have a longer effect on players compared to those games that only frighten players during the game. The game about to be introduced is a type of game that challenges and scares the players psychologically. The game was praised by lots of game critics and players about how it is deeply rooted in the history of Taiwan. The game developers did a good job in inserting historical and religious references in the game. Games with references become successful if the research and exploration done with the topic that it is related to the game are thorough. The history that will be used as a reference should be strictly studied too. The game developers were successful in connecting the game with the history in Taiwan as well as the spiritual and political aspects that they have touched. The game included points on Taoism and Buddhism. The Taiwanese and Chinese culture and mythology could be seen clearly in the game. The game also presented some historical and political facts that you should not miss out. The game is called Detention. It is a game developed by Red Candles and was released on the thirteenth of January 2017. It is available on platforms like Play Station 4, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. There is also a slot version of it here. It is a survival horror adventure game and is set in 2D point-and-click. You will find it easy to navigate in the game because it is mostly composed of narrations and conversations to fill up the story in the game. This game would cause you psychological terror, so if you are interested in playing the game, then you should start preparing yourself. If you want to explore and know more about the game, then you should check out its official website by clicking here.

History in the Game: The White Terror

Martial law is a period of the imposition of direct military control involving the suspension of ordinary law. When martial law was implemented in Taiwan, it lasted for thirty-eight years and fifty-seven days, which was the longest imposition of martial law by a regime anywhere in the world at that time. The martial law in Taiwan also known as the White Terror followed the 228 Incident.

The 228 Incident (occurred on February 28) happened because of an occurrence that happened on February 27. A cigarette vendor was selling illegal cigarettes which were confiscated by the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. Her income from selling those cigarettes was also confiscated. Her head was hit with a pistol while she was being arrested. This incident triggered the crowd to swarm the agents. One of the agents opened fire which took away a person’s life. On February 28, mass protests occurred, demanding the agent who opened fire to be executed and the director of the bureau removed from the position. When the protesters spotted two Tobacco Monopoly Bureau agents, they beat them to death. Other protesters who gathered near the Government-General’s office were shot and several were killed. This led to further uprisings which erupted all over Taiwan. The dissatisfaction and resentment of the people towards their government grew together with their protests which alarmed the Kuomintang. The Kuomintang or Nationalists in English is a major political party in Taiwan.

To silence the revolts, the Kuomintang imprisoned or murdered anyone who posed a threat to their rule. This cycle continued up to the Order of the Martial Law. Strict political censorship was implemented and no other party was allowed to form except the Kuomintang. Soldiers executed lots of people, including the innocent ones. Women were raped, some people were beheaded. Almost every citizen in Taiwan had all of their rights stripped away from them. Taiwan was deeply traumatized by all of the things that occurred and has left scars up to the present day. After the martial law ended, no one knew exactly how many people died. This tragic incident left a huge mark in the history of Taiwan. This incident is not only known in Taiwan but also throughout the world because of the extreme violence that was involved during that period. To know more about this period of history in detail, please click here.

How the Story is Unraveled in the Game

Wei Chung Ting falls asleep during his history class when an instructor comes to talk with the lecturer of the class about a book list. As he wakes up, the campus is already empty because the students are asked to evacuate due to an incoming typhoon. As he roams the halls, he discovered that there is still a student left with him too. It is Fang Ray Shin who is asleep that time in the auditorium. The bridge in their village has been washed away by the harsh flood so they cannot go out of the campus to go home. They went back to their school called Greenwood High School and decided to stay in Wei Chung Ting’s classroom. Wei Chung Ting went out to look for a phone. After this, the game shifts from Wei Chung Ting’s perspective to Fang Ray Shin. Fang Ray Shin awakens again in the auditorium but with an eerie feeling and environment. Wei Chung Ting is dead and hanging inverted from the ceiling. Fang Ray Shin wanders the school to discover the mystery that surrounds the entire Greenwood High School. As she wanders around the campus, she will encounter puzzles, evil spirits, and clues that will lead her to the answer. Later in the game, the player will realize that the character is actually Fang Ray Shin’s spirit traveling with her memories.

Detention 2 - Detention

In the end, the player is left with two choices: to accept Fang Ray Shin’s guilt or to deny them. If the player will choose Fang Ray Shin as not guilty, then Wei Chung Ting, Chang Ming Hui (Fang Ray Shin’s lover), and Yin Tsui Han (Wei Chung Ting’s history teacher) will appear to warn her that the cycle would repeat. On the other hand, if the player will choose Fang Ray Shin as guilty, an origami airplane will be found with Chang Ming Hui’s letter to her. The game ends with the spirits of Wei Chung Ting and Fang Ray Shin sitting together in his classroom.

Overall, sadness competed with the frightening feeling expressed in the game. You could feel and empathize with Fang Ray Shin as you discover the truth behind her story and the entire mystery of the Greenwood High School. The game highlights lots of issues, including the mental health issue which was seldom discussed by the players and game critics. The game developers were able to tackle lots of issues and ideas in just one game, and all were elaborately shown and expressed. Another horror that you could realize in the game is how a single problem and violence could grow and affect a bigger population, like a school or a country. If you want to know another horror game with a great narrative like this one, then you should read Huntsman: The Orphanage to find out more.