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Have you ever wanted to fuse two or more ideas in a game? Have you ever wished that there could be a game that is set in the future, but is also somewhat medieval? Have you ever imagined a game with magic and machines combined? All of these questions can be answered with one word, yes. Yes, all of these are possible because of the game developer Piranha Bytes and the game publisher THQ Nordic. Piranha Bytes and THQ Nordic decided to have a collaboration to introduce a game that is a fusion of many elements. Electic, Lavish, Exhilarating, Xenial (ELEX) is a game released worldwide on October 17, 2017. The game is clearly described by its name. However, ELEX is not only the description of the game but is an important element that is often mentioned in the game too. It is a science-fiction action role-playing game. It is a game with a plot full of twists and new concepts. It is available on the following platforms: Play Station 4, Xbox One, and Windows.  It a single player game with a third-person perspective. If you want to know more about the game, you could visit its official site by clicking here. If you want to purchase it on Steam, you could click here.

How the Story and the Game is Connected

The ELEX is an element that is found in a meteor that struck planet called Magalan one hundred fifty years ago. The meteor almost wiped out the planet, so only a few survivors from the highly advanced civilization were left. The survivors continued to battle and struggle to decide the fate of Magalan. The ELEX is a precious and limited resource which could heighten the senses of human, remove emotion, give magical powers, and fuel machines to become stronger than machines without ELEX. It also has the capability to transform humans into mutants. Magalan is divided into several factions with different philosophies and ideologies, especially when it comes to how humans should deal with the ELEX.  The main factions are the Albs, the Berserkers, the Clerics, and the Outlaws

The game is centered on a soldier named Jax. He was a Commander in Albs. He was sent on a mission to find the head of the Berserkers who use the ELEX for magical purposes. The spiritual head of the Berserkers is Thorald the Pilgrim. Little did he know that it was a fake mission to remove him from his position and to kill him. On his way to find Thorald, his glider jet was shot by an unknown enemy and crashed over a mountain. He was able to survive the crash and was hunted down by the Albs, with the lead of his brother Kallax. As they were fighting, he fell off a cliff and into a small forest. His condition was bad and he fell into a coma for several days. An Outlaw found him and stole his armor and his ELEX. When he woke up, he realized what state he was in, and he started feeling things he never felt before. He began to experience emotion for the first time. He was filled with the desire to take vengeance and set on a journey to find out exactly why those things happened to him. Jax will meet the three other factions he formerly fought with, which means that he should conceal his former identity.

Duras, a Berserker told Jax that there was an Outlaw named Ray who was wandering near the area a few days ago. Jax sought Ray because he thought that maybe it was him who stole his things. Jax was able to locate Ray in an abandoned motel. Ray was disappointed upon seeing Jax because he did steal Jax’s equipment, thinking that he is already dead. As he confessed his deed, he told Jax that he already sold the equipment to somebody else. He joined Jax on his quest to compensate for what he did. Jax, together with his new companion will face enemies like mutants or other survivors that yield guns, swords, and magic. He will also gain new weapons and other equipment from the people that he will meet along his journey.


The Different Factions in the Game

– The Albs: The Albs were born long ago from the Clerics. They directly use the ELEX in their bodies to make them strong and emotionless, enabling to make decisions out of pure logic and reason. The aim of their faction is to attain the next stage of evolution and rule the entire Magalan. They believe that the way to achieve this is by living in a world where there are no emotions at all. They harvest ELEX from other survivors and compete with the other factions.

– The Berserkers: They will look like as if they came from the past. They use medieval armors, swords, and bows and only live in huts. This is because they do not want to use technology. They only use mana (magical power) from the ELEX and some spells. They use mana to upgrade their weapons, summon ghosts during fights and cast magic spells. They aim to restore the former beauty of nature, especially how the planet looked like one hundred fifty years ago.

– The Clerics: Their main enemy is the faction of the Albs. They detest the idea of consuming the ELEX directly into the body. They believe in their god Calaan. They also have the goal to restore the planet on how it was a hundred fifty years ago, before the meteor struck the surface of Magalan and brought the ELEX. They use the ELEX to strengthen their weapons and other machines. They use advanced technology and PSI powers, which they use to teleport from place to place.

– The Outlaws: The Outlaws do not restrict the faction from freedom. They use stimulants to increase their physical abilities. Each of the members of the Outlaws follows their own set of rules and lives their life without the dictation of a ruler or any other person in the higher level in the hierarchy. They do not display a desire for the ELEX and only uses regular weapons like grenades, rifles, and other firearms.


Since you cannot return to the Albs, you can only join one faction among the other three. If you join a faction, you will only accept quests from them, to prove that you have the desire to be a part of them. Your actions in every quest will affect the decision of your chosen faction to let you join or not.


Overall, the game was praised by game critics and players for its detailed storyline and graphics. The unique characteristics of the different factions are definitely visible throughout the entire game. You could also feel the personality of your character Jax, as you portray him. You could sense that the game developers really put their attention to bring out each personality and trait of the characters in the game. It has a style that is enough for it to stand out among other action role-playing games.