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GameLaunched FAQ

  1. What does early access mean?

-Early access games are alpha versions of the games that are yet to be released. They are often used to let interested players or other personalities to test out the game before it is released to the public. Early access allows the developers to receive feedback from those who purchased the alpha versions. The feedback that the developers receive is used to improve the game before it is released to the public.


  1. What is meant by in-app purchases?

In-app purchases are purchases of goods and services inside an application. This allows the developers to profit even if their game is for free.


  1. What does PEGI mean?

PEGI (pronounced as Peggy) stands for Pan European Game Information. It is a video game content rating system that rates video games for age-appropriate content. This could help consumers to make informed choices when purchasing games.

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Age Ratings

3+ (Ages 3 and older): suitable for most gamers

7+ (Ages 7 and older): may contain occasional violence, non-sexual content

12+ (Ages 12 and older): may contain violence, explicit sexual content, and mild swearing

16+ (Ages 16 and older): may contain violence, crimes, vices and sexual content

18+ (Ages 18 and older): may contain violence, sexual violence, sexual content, crimes, drugs, and explicit adult content


  1. How can I be notified about a new game?

GameLaunched regularly posts about the latest PC, Mobile, Console and other games. You may subscribe to GameLaunched to get updates on the latest games. Click here to subscribe to GameLaunched.


  1. How many hours am I allowed to play video games?

According to recent studies, playing video games for an hour a day has been proven to stimulate the brain, improve reaction time, and improve eyesight. If you exceed an hour of playing a game, then you are more likely to experience negative effects such as having a poor sitting posture, headache, and hyperactivity.


  1. Can playing video games affect my health?

If you only play for an hour a day, then you’ll be fine. But if you play more than an hour a day, you could potentially develop health risks such as overweight due to lack of movement. You may also develop poor sitting posture, and headache.


  1. Why is my game force closing?

This problem may have more than one reason. It may be that your game competes with the other running apps for the memory on your device, or the game outruns the memory on your device, which means that it might require a bigger memory than your device could offer. Another reason might be because of a bug in at least one of your installed apps.


  1. Why is my game not loading?

If you are playing on a mobile device, this may be because you need to update the app or there may be other running apps that compete with your game for the memory on your device, or you may not be using the correct account for the game. If you are playing on a computer, try to clear the cache memory of your browser or you might need to update your browser.


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