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Hay Day

One of the most popular farm simulation games is now available to read here at Game Launched. It is developed and published by Supercell. It was released last June 2012 on iOS and in November 2013 on Android. This means that it is only available on two platforms: iOS and Android. This game requires an internet connection to be played because of the interactive features of the game. Hay Day is free to download, but there will also be in-app purchases available, or items that you need to spend real money with. This happens when you need an item and is not available on your farm. Another example of an in-app purchase in the game is when you buy more diamonds.

The game is design to simulate farming, which means that it allows you to plow fields, plant crops, harvest crops, tend livestock, and trade goods with neighbors and friends. The game was compared to Farmville by game critics because of its similarities to the previously mentioned game. However, this does not stop the game from holding the top spot of farming games in 122 countries. This only proves that Hay Day could stand out among the herd of farm simulation games. If you want to know more about Hay Day, you could click here.

How the Game Works

The game will start with a story. Your uncle is a farmer and has his own farm. He wants to retire and give you his farm. You will accept the offer and you will start a new life in the countryside. Farming could be tough, which is why you need to plan your steps well. You need to sort out which things you should prioritize first and which items should you spend your coins and diamonds on. Since time is valued in the game, you need to be mindful of the time. Every minute counts in Hay Day, especially with your crops, if you don’t harvest them at the right time, they could wither and be wasted. A scarecrow will give you tutorial on how to navigate the game. You should follow the scarecrow so that it would be easier for you to play the game. It will also offer helpful tips on how to be a successful farmer in your farm.

Since you are learning how to be a good farmer, the game will require a few things from you: time, strategy, effort, and fun. Since this game is addicting, you need to make sure that you have all the time to play the game. You might risk your unfinished project or new assignment if you really get into the game. This is why you should make your assignments first before playing Hay Day. Since the game is a farm development game, you will need strategies on how to play the game well. Strategies will vary from player to player, so it all depends on your green fingers on how to do well in the game. Farming requires effort, and this is clearly reflected in the game. You need to spend time on deciding which things should be done and taken care of first and arrange things on the farm. Don’t be too serious while playing the game. Don’t forget that games are developed to give a fun experience, which is why you should enjoy the game as much as possible.

Hay Day 2 - Hay Day

In the game, you get to collect various things related to farming. Every necessary item to build a farm is present in Hay Day. You could store your items in your silo or in your barn. If you have too many items, you could expand your storage capacity to accommodate every item you would like to keep. To save your coins and diamonds, you could create your own feeds for your chickens and cows too. This would definitely save you from buying them from friends or other players. You could also sell your goods to locals who come to your farm. The locals will ask you for an item in exchange for the coins that they will offer. You could also post in the local newspaper to advertise your items. You could advertise your goods for free, but you could also spend your diamonds to advertise your goods longer and could be seen by other players easily. You can decide how much your items would cost. Aside from selling your crops and other items by advertising in the local newspaper, you could also receive orders from various places. The orders are carried by truck and will be dispatched the same way too. Orders often get you more coins and points than other activities in the game.

You could also buy goods from the newspaper, just access your mailbox to see the newspaper. What’s more fun in Hay Day, is that you could trade items and other goods with your friends or other players worldwide. This makes the game interactive and fun to play with friends or other Hay Day farmers.

Summary of the Game Features

This list includes the old and updated features of the game.

Old Features

– You could grow and customize your own farm.

– You could trade crops and other goods with neighbors and friends through your roadside shop.

– You could fulfill orders by truck or steamboat.

– You could repair your dock and catch fish.

– Build your farm to appeal to visitors.

Updated Features

– Sanctuary: Baby animals are introduced in the game. The baby animals could only be unlocked after their parents. Each of the animals has a unique unlockable decoration to offer too.

– There are new derby town tasks.

– There are new fishing and town boosters.

– There is also an improved Spin the Wheel event.

– There are new fishing area events.

– There are also special holiday and New Year events which could give you exclusive decorations by participating.

– You could pick up several visitors from different towns in one go.

– There is a minimum or maximum price for your roadside shop.

– A new indicator will be present (seagull) when someone filled your crates for you.

– There are also seasonal decorations which you could order by theme.

Quick Tips for the Game

  1. Make sure to never run out of a supply of important items.

Your crops are the foundation of your farm. It is important to never run out of crops because this would affect the entire balance of your farm. If you do not have enough crops, then you can’t feed your livestock and you can’t produce wheat necessary for baking or other purposes.

  1. Grow crops while sleeping or attending school or work.

You could grow plants that require longer time to harvest so that you could make use of the time that you are not using to play. This way, you will be able to harvest them by the time you wake up or start playing again.

There are a lot of things to do in Hay Day; you just need to enjoy every single task to progress. If you want to know more about other games related to farming you could visit Game Launched. Farm Feud is available to read if you want to know another kind of farming.