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Hottest PC Game Today: PUBG

One of the most popular games of 2018 is PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround). It has become a hit ever since its early access up to its worldwide release last December 2017. It is available on platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and recently on Android and iOS. However, its mobile version is not yet available worldwide, only in China. More than thirty million copies were sold with its Steam version and over four million copies on Xbox One. PUBG is a multiplayer online survival game that is developed by PUBG Corporation. The game starts when there are already a hundred players on a server. To win the game, you should eliminate the other ninety-nine players. You could play alone or set up a team with four members. You could also choose to play from a first-person or third-person perspective. If you use a first-person perspective, then it’s faster for you to aim and loot items but it would be difficult for you to see the other players immediately. On the other hand, third-person perspective allows you to have a greater view of the site, making it easier for you to spot enemies but the disadvantage is that it’s hard to aim at the other players immediately.  See PlayerUnknown’s Battleground to know more.

Start of the Game

You start without anything. You don’t have items or any weapon to defend yourself. You can find these items as you drop off an airplane onto a location on the map. If you’re lucky, you could get level-three items and weapons, which are rare to find because they’re highly functional and durable. Level-one items and weapons are easy to find but are not as impressive as the items and weapons with higher levels. You need to be cautious as you loot items because there are other ninety-nine players looking for the items and weapons too.

Vehicles, Safe Zone, Red Zone, and Blue Zone

There are vehicles scattered around the map. You could use them to get to the Safe Zone. The Safe Zone could be seen as a white circle on the map. You need to be careful with the Red Zone, which could be clearly seen as a red spot on the map. A Red Zone appears every minute randomly around the map. There will be airstrikes in the Red Zone but you won’t be affected if you are in a house. If you are in the Blue Zone, it means that you are slowly dying if you don’t take painkillers, energy drinks, or use the kits. This is why you need to be in the Safe Zone so that you won’t waste your life in the Blue Zone which gets smaller every minute.

Basic Things to Know

  1. Familiarize the map features.

You should know how to read the map because your life in the game depends on it. Know where houses are commonly placed, where other players would potentially drop off and where you should drop off. If you know the map well, then it is easier for you to navigate around it and have a better control of the game.

PUBG2 - Hottest PC Game Today: PUBG

  1. Familiarize the keys.

There are keys used for switching weapons, picking up weapons and other functions. You need to familiarize yourself with them because this would allow you to be more efficient in the game. If you could switch fast then it means that it is easier for you hunt the enemies as well as heal yourself or your teammate. Your life in the game also depends on how skilled you are in switching weapons and other items. This could save your life in dire situations too.

  1. Familiarize the items.

For you to be efficient in looting, you need to remember how each item looks like. Familiarizing the items allows you to sort them quickly and know which items you should choose and pick up. This could greatly save your time. Instead of putting every item on to see how functional it is, you could simply look around and see which item could give you an advantage.

  1. Choose your items wisely.

You also need to consider what to bring in your bag. If you fill your bag entirely with painkillers, then there would be no space for your weapons anymore. Also, if you fill your bag with weapons only, then you’ll die easily in the game because you can’t heal yourself. This is why you should know how to balance the number of items and weapons in your bag.

  1. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Anyone could smack you at the back anytime if you’re not cautious. Always make sure to find the other players first, because if it’s the other way around, then you’ll get yourself killed in the game. The third-person perspective gives you this advantage however; there are also players who still prefer the first-person perspective. Aside from the other players, you should also take note if you are within the safe zone or not, because you might not notice your life decreasing if you’re too concentrated on looking for items or the other players. This could happen if you are in the Blue Zone.

  1. Play as if it’s real.

PUBG Corporation really did well on making the game close to reality as much as possible. This is why you need to play as if it’s real. You should always be mindful of the muzzle velocity because this affects your shooting accuracy, just like in real life. Where you hide is also important, if you hide behind something so easily destructible, then you’ll get hurt easily too. This is why you should choose your hiding place wisely.

The game could be finished within thirty to forty minutes; however, this would happen if you could stay for a long time. Most of the players often get killed in less than five minutes, so if you were able to stay longer than that, why are you still reading this? Kidding aside, the game has proven to be fun, interactive and addictive.

PUBG3 - Hottest PC Game Today: PUBG

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