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Latest COD: Call of Duty WWII

Most of the FPS (first-person shooter) games today are set futuristically or fictionally. However, Sledgehammer Games looked back and used the past as the setting for their latest Call of Duty game, the Call of Duty: World War II. COD: WWII was released worldwide last November 3, 2017. The game is available on different platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and XBox One. People were so excited about it that during the day of its release, servers crashed because of the traffic they caused from trying to play the game. With this astonishing feat, let us get to know the game more. To view more about COD: WWII, see Call of Duty: World War II.

Historical Background of COD: WWII

The previous CODs were also based on WWII. COD: WWII is the fifth main WWII title in the COD series. Let us know what really happened during World War II, enough for it to be used five times as a setting in a game.

World War II with more than 80 million fatalities mostly from massacres, genocide, and bombing holds the record in world history for most fatalities ever known.

Allies vs. Axis Powers

The war was all about the conflict between the Allies and the Axis powers. The two groups were composed of powerful countries. The Allies consisted mainly of the United States, Great Britain, Soviet Union, France and China. Other Allies were other countries under the main Allies, or who were harmed by the Axis. The Axis countries are Germany, Italy, and Japan.

COD 2 - Latest COD: Call of Duty WWII

Roots of the War

The bitter emotions that stirred the war mostly came from the previous World War that ended with the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was pushed to take all the blame for the war and was tasked to make reparations to the damage that the war has caused. This took a heavy toll on Germany, their economy suffered and they lost all their glory. When Adolf Hitler came and promised Germany to return its former glory with his plans, he rose to power quickly and influenced a lot of people with his immoral and absurd ideas. He went on talking about how the Jews caused their defeat and promoted antisemitism (prejudice against the Jews). He put the Jews in concentration camps and violated all human rights. He also broke pacts like not invading Poland and Russia, which made the war grow bigger.


Three-Power Pact Made Between Germany, Italy, and Japan

Adolf Hitler teamed up with two other countries, the Fascist side of Italy, and Japan, who at that was trying to expand its empire in South East Asia. He formed the Nazi and invaded countries using air force and other military tactics. His actions threatened the other powerful countries (Allies), which prompted them to take action. June 6, 1944, marked the D-Day of the Allies because this was the day when they marched through Normandy (first setting in COD: WWII, and the hub in the Headquarters mode). Normandy was the French area invaded by Germany. This liberated most of France, and the Allies were able to advance in the war. The Allies all pushed towards Germany and weeks after this, Hitler committed suicide. Later on, the Nazis surrendered and the war in the Western side ended. On the Eastern side, Japan was still fighting against the US. The US attacked Hiroshima with an atomic bomb which caused great destruction in Japan. The end of the Second World War was marked when Japan finally declared their defeat after the second bombing in Nagasaki.

What to Expect in COD: WWII

  1. New modes for players to choose from
  • Multiplayer Mode: The multiplayer mode randomly sets the players to play either as Allies or Axis. Then the players can choose which division they want to be in. The divisions are Infantry, Airborne, Armored, Mountain, Expeditionary, and Resistance.
  • Infantry: for mid to long-range combat
  • Airborne: stealth-based gameplay style
  • Armored: division with the heaviest power with machine guns
  • Mountain: long-range combat, best for players who use sniper rifles
  • Expeditionary: shotguns are used
  • Resistance: stealthy close-quarter combat with the use of pistols and tactical knives
  • Headquarters Mode: The headquarters mode is where 48 players could socialize, practice their shooting skills, and duel other players.
  • Zombies Cooperative Game Mode (Nazi Zombies): The story in this mode started with Dr. Straub building an undead army to belatedly change the tides of the World War 2. In this mode, the players have four combat roles to choose from: Offense, Control, Medic, and Support. The mode was said to be similar to Dead Space.
  1. No more health regeneration

Instead of health regeneration, as used in COD: The Big Red One, health packs are scattered throughout the game. Squad mates could also give health packs to save one another.

  1. Unique weapons to choose from

Since the setting is in WWII, the arsenals used in the game are also from the same period. Which is why most of the weapons, especially the guns are unknown and new to some of the players.

  1. Squad abilities unlocked during missions
  • Zussman: gives health packs
  • Pierson: highlights enemies in the area
  • Turner: carries extra ammo for your weapons
  • Stiles: carries extra lethal and tactical grenades
  • Aiello: offers a special smoke signal grenade for calling Allied mortar fire

COD 3 - Latest COD: Call of Duty WWII

  1. Boots on the ground gameplay style
  • Double jumping and wall running were removed
  • Slide
  • Hit-the-deck (similar to dolphin dive): allows players to throw themselves on the ground for cover

This game play style was praised by many video game critics and players.


The Call of Duty: World War II has been successful ever since its first release last November. It was said to have earned over $500 million three days after its release. The story encompassed in the game was also praised for its consistency and detail. The graphics and sounds effects never failed to amaze the public just like the previous CODs. If you haven’t played COD: WWII yet, then you should try it now. To learn more about COD, visit Call of Duty.


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