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The Launch Crew

Playing a game is the same as dealing with our challenging lives. We don’t know anything at first so we might commit mistakes. We view other person’s experiences in life to learn and apply them to ours. We look for tools to use to help us continue living. We might live alone or decide to live with others. There is so much common ground between life and gaming. The Launch Crew understands this and aims to help players with their gaming life.

The Launch Crew is composed of different gaming experts, writers, and personalities. Each of the members of the team functions well according to their tasks and all of them are able to provide an impressive product that would astound plenty of gamers. Their skills in researching, reviewing games and making guides have been evaluated and re-evaluated to make sure that the information that will be presented on this site is reliable and helpful to the readers. The Launch Crew knows how valuable quality information is to the gamers.

The team includes gamers that have been playing on various platforms and have played lots of games. They make sure that they are updated with the popular trends and the latest versions of various games which make them more reliable and efficient. They make sure to keep up with the latest games of the year to inform the gamers.

One of the strongest assets of the team is that they are dedicated to their work to ensure that other gamers could enjoy playing games as much as they do by collecting relevant information on the latest games and by making sure that the guides for the games are relatable and easy to understand. Their skills in reviewing and researching various games are beyond commendable in comparison to others. They want to spread the idea of gaming and how fun it is to play and at the same time, learn from it.

As you launch your gaming life, always remember to do it with GameLaunched. The Launch Crew is always ready to attend to your gaming needs and queries.