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Have you ever asked yourself, why do the main characters in horror games get involved in scary stories or venture at creepy places? If you did, then can you answer why you are interested in playing horror games if you know they could give you heart attacks or make you jump out of your seat? Your answer to that question might be the same answer why main characters in the horror games get involved in those types of situations. The game about to be introduced is called Outlast. It a first-person survival horror game set in a sinister psychiatric facility. The game is developed and published by Red Barrels. It was initially released on September 4, 2013, for Microsoft Windows. Then it was made available to other platforms like Play Station 4 and Xbox One the following year. If you want to know more about the game, then you should visit their official site by clicking here.

What the Game Is All About

A reporter named Miles Upshur is the main character of the game Outlast.  Upshur is a freelance journalist who received an information from an anonymous source that a psychiatric hospital called Mount Massive Asylum, owned and operated by the Murkoff Corporation, that inhumane experiments are being conducted to the mentally-ill patients there. This triggered Upshur to go to the psychiatric hospital, not knowing what the result of his curiosity would be. In the game, you will play as Miles Upshur. You will enter the psychiatric hospital without any device except for your trusty camcorder. This means that you cannot defend yourself using weapons like guns, knives, pipes or other things which could help you survive the facility. Another nerve-wracking fact about your only device is that it has a limited battery life. There are batteries scattered around the hospital which are rarely easy to find. What’s good about your camcorder is that it has a night vision, which comes in handy when you enter dark rooms or pass through dark tunnels and other shady areas. You would be extremely unlucky if your camcorder shuts down in the middle of a dark tunnel or while you are being chased by the patients there or by what is known as The Walker.

You will enter the asylum and will find the dead bodies of the staff there. You will also encounter The Variants (psychiatric patients who are heavily disfigured and mutilated due to the multiple failed experiments that were conducted on them there) freely roaming around the facility. You will be continuously chased by random patients and The Walker as you traverse rooms and halls in the game. This is why you should always be cautious in every step you make and every door you open.

Outlast 2 - Outlast

Characters in the Game

– Miles Upshur: This is the protagonist of the game and the character that you will play. Upshur is a reporter who went to the Mount Massive Asylum because of some tip-off by an anonymous source.

– The Variants: psychiatric patients who are heavily disfigured and mutilated due to the multiple failed experiments that were conducted on them there

– Tactical officer: A nearly dying officer would tell you to get out of the facility as soon as possible to escape further danger.

– The Walker: The Walker is originally a soldier named Chris Walker. He has different aliases like ‘Strongfat’ and ‘The Soldier’.  Before being The Walker in the facility, he was hired as a security guard in the asylum after returning from Afghanistan. He became mentally deranged in his stay in the asylum to the point of murdering patients and other staff there. When his acts were discovered, he was sent back to the Mount Massive Asylum as a patient.

– Father Martin: Father Martin or Martin Archimbaud is a preacher who was admitted to the asylum. He has religious and grandiose delusions of receiving the message of a higher calling and that he is a prophet. He helps Upshur to navigate through the facility by leaving hints and writings. His religion worships the Walrider. Some of The Variants obey him, like The Twins. However, The Walker and Eddie Gluskin are not under him.

– The Walrider: The Walrider is also known as The Swarm in the game. This is the main antagonist of the game and is extremely feared by everyone in the hospital. This character is the result of nanotechnology experiments conducted on a patient named William ‘Billy’ Hope. The Walrider is controlled by Billy Hope. When Billy was undergoing the Morphogenic Engine Therapy, he learned to self-direct the lucid dream states. This enabled him to control The Walrider.

– The Twins: The Twins could be distinguished from the variants because they always go together and are a bit larger than the other variants. These patients are psychopaths and at the same time are cannibals. They are calm in their way of talking and killing. They will not run or sprint towards their victim, but will walk casually instead. They displayed an overt intent to murder Upshur for his tongue and liver, but they suppress their desire to do so because of Father Martin’s orders. However, when they grew tired of being patient, they ambushed Upshur from time to time. The Twins are extremely hard to deal with because of their unique way of hunting for their victim. They are silent killers and are clever, which makes them extra challenging for the players to deal with.

– Doctor Rudolf Gustav Wernicke: This doctor is one of the researchers in the hidden research facility beneath the Mount Massive Asylum and was the primary scientist involved in The Walrider Project. You will meet this doctor if you stayed and survived long enough in the game. If you meet him, he will explain to you the whole point why and how the entire experiment and facility existed. However, this information is not for free, since Wernicke would like the information to remain a secret. This means that he has an intent and plan to kill Upshur.

Final Points about the Game

The first thing you need to remember about the game is that you could die a multiple times just to pass a certain task in the game. This means that if you do not want to die again and again, then you need to strategically plan out your moves to successfully proceed in the game (which is almost impossible to do, unless you are the developer). It is impossible not to die in the game because The Variants always be there to hunt you, especially The Walker and The Twins. Which means that you might probably reach the point where you have already memorized when, where, and what kind of Variants will approach you, making it easy for you to finish and proceed in the game. Overall, the game will surely increase your heart rate and make you sweat your palms because of how it was designed and how the sound effects were applied. If you are interested in checking out the game, you could proceed to purchase it on Steam by clicking here. You could also read about another horror game, Huntsman: The Orphanage, which gives more narrative than Outlast. Click here to read about Huntsman.