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Projects at Game Launched

Playing games is tough. You need to sit for hours and stare in front of a bright computer screen, memorizing and familiarizing the controls, learning the game, knowing and analyzing your character, analyzing your opponent, choosing which skill to use against the opponent mastering strategic skills and techniques, and winning or finishing the game. We might enjoy playing but there are a lot of things to do and to consider while playing. This does not end with you standing up from the gaming chair after the game. Surely, you’ll watch videos which could help you improve your gaming skills or read about the game to know it more and to play it better than you did with your previous game. You will also study the game or your opponents. All of these require time and effort but game developers have it more. Itching to play a game? Visit the Play Store or App Store.

Game developers are people that create games for gamers.  Game developers have it more because they don’t just sit for hours just to play a game; they sit for days developing games. They need to answer lots of questions just to arrive at a single answer, a game. What kind of game should it be? What story shall the game be about? How should the story develop in the game? What type of game should it be? How would the players play the game? How should the game look like? How many levels should the game have? How many modes should it have? What kind of character would the protagonist be? These are only some of the questions that game developers ask themselves before they release a game to the public.

All of these are fairly understood by Game Launched, for the members of the Launch Crew are gamers too. This is why projects could be seen on this website. Game Launched supports whatever is good for gaming. This is because Game Launched wants to spread the idea of gaming and how fun it is to play, and at the same time, learn and discover new things from it.

Projects at Game Launched 2 - Projects at Game Launched

The projects at Game Launched are from various game developers worldwide. Most of the previously mentioned questions might probably be answered already by the game developers. Their projects are all interesting and new to the gaming world because most of them are developed by fresh and aspiring game developers. If you’re a curious gamer, then click Game Launched Projects below to see the projects.

These projects will surely be appealing to gamers who are more interested in discovering new games, where they get to play the games first before others. If you are inspired to fund these projects, then read about them now. Projects involving animals as the character, or games with sci-fi, RPG genres and more could be read here. See Game Launched Projects to know more about them.


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