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Custom Cardboard Tokens

You can express art through many ways. You could sing a song, dance, sculpt, write a poem, compose a song, or play a musical instrument. If you think of a tool associated with art, you’ll probably answer a pencil, paintbrush, colored pencils, or paint, but have you ever thought of a pair of scissors? Yes, a pair of scissors. You could express art through a cutting tool. You could cut various shapes and form them into an art. You could even use almost any material for your art. However, this may be tiring if you use chipboards or other thick materials that are difficult to cut with just a pair of scissors. If you’re just going to use a pair of scissors for thick materials, then you’ll surely take a long time and you may even hurt yourself from exerting too much pressure on the scissors. This is where die cutting comes in. Die cutting makes use of a hydraulic press and a die (made out of wood and metal) to easily and accurately cut the same shape over and over again. A hydraulic press is used to push the die into the material to be cut. A die cutting machine shears any material like paper, fabric, or chipboard to any shape or design. Other materials like rubber, fiber, foil, cloth, corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, plastic, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, foam, and sheet metal could be used too. With all these materials, you could cut any art to almost any kind of material. This is also useful when you want to massively produce a certain design, but you only have limited time and manpower, the best machine for the job is the die cutting machine.

Custom Cardboard Tokens 2 - Custom Cardboard Tokens

History of Die Cutting

The word die comes from the Latin word de, which ‘means given’ or ‘placed’. This refers to the old stamping process of coins (usually made of metal) made from dies.

Die cutting was invented in the 1800s in order to streamline the shoemaking industry. During this period, every shoe was made by hand, which means that it required huge manpower, more materials and time to manufacture shoes. Die cutting machines were faster than humans in cutting patterns for the shoes. The machines were also more accurate in producing the same cuts and shapes. This means that it required less manpower, materials, and time to produce shoes. Die cutting totally changed the shoemaking industry. If you want to know more about die cutting, read Top Die Cutting Questions and Answers.

Cardboard Tokens

The project is about custom cardboard tokens. This means that you could choose any design for your token. There will also be unique themed coins you could choose from. This could be perfect for those interested in developing role-playing games and want to send prototypes to the publishers.

The materials used for this project are mainly chipboards and paper. These materials could be used in many things, like creating model figures, toys, or decorations. These materials could also be used by those interested in collecting designs or other figures that could be made with die cutting machines.

Materials Needed for Custom Cardboard Tokens

Here are the materials needed for the project:

12-ton hydraulic press





Being creative is the key to produce a good design for the cardboard tokens. The designs should be appealing so that a lot of players could get interested in the custom cardboard tokens.

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