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Unexpected Kind of Farming: Farm Feud

If you were asked what to expect in games related to farming, then you would probably say that the games would be about planting fruits and vegetables or raising farm animals. Obscene Media, the developer of the game Farm Feud would like to take you to another perspective of what things could probably happen on a farm. The game has been designed to have six full levels and forty-two sublevels. Farm Feud isn’t about flowers or fresh fruits but about bloody slaughter and shooting. To explore more about the game, see Farm Feud.

Story of the Game

Farm Feud is revolving around the story about six barnyard critters that refuse to be slaughtered by the farmer.


– Chicken

– Sheep

– Pig

– Fox

– Raccoon

– Skunk

Unexpected Kind of Farming Farm Feud 2 - Unexpected Kind of Farming: Farm Feud

They believe that the farmer is controlling the minds of the other animals by drugging the food and water supplies. The six barnyard critters decided to take action by using any weapon they could find to fight against the farmer and his minions. However, what they imagined was more than what was really happening; the farmer is not only slaughtering the poor animals but is also planning to build a frozen-meal empire. This made the six barnyard critters to be even more aggressive in fighting against their enemies. You can toughen the six barnyard critters by customizing their looks.

Behind the Story

When you look at the game for the first time, you may think that it’s just gruesome and full of violence. However, if you try to look at it more deeply, you could imagine how animals felt when they are slaughtered mercilessly for human consumption. Try to imagine realizing that the whole point of your existence was to be a meal for others. Would you just stay put and wait to be slaughtered? Or would you do the same as the six, brave barnyard critters?


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