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The Epitome of Horror Games, Hunstman: The Orphanage

A mysterious abduction of twelve orphans awaits you. Only you could save their souls. Save them or be hunted. The Huntsman remains in the Grimraven Orphanage, trapping the twelve children inside. The caretaker who is the only witness to the tragic incident regrets betraying the trust of the twelve orphans. Follow the instruction to have a clear direction.

“Find our precious items. Place each upon our headstones. One by one, set us free.”


Learn to use the keys, for these will be your tool to free the seized.

WASD = move

F = torch

L Shift = sprint

L Ctrl = crouch

Z = prone


Watch out for clues, from boards and through,

The darkest halls, and down the deepest rooms.

Search in detail, never let fear prevail.

Use the torch to see,

For not everything can be seen by thee.

Be vigilant, for the one who lurks in the dark,

Is evil, cunning, and has you marked.

The Epitome of Horror Games Hunstman The Orphanage 2 - The Epitome of Horror Games, Hunstman: The Orphanage

The Orphans

Twelve are lost, and only one can be found.

Petrified, you could hear their cry,

Listen to Charley, always making a sound.

Do not let any clue slip by,

For the one whom the Huntsman holds dear,

Is the only one who can help you from here.







Jon – Jon

Min – Min






Biggest Clue Ever

“A step beyond your torchlight gaze lie hedgerows set in puzzle maze. Twixt these rows, twelve headstones lay. Reach them all to save the day.

But patience! First, seek out a key. If you’re to set the lost ones free. This key to mysteries yet unseen, unlock the gate on Halloween.

So on October thirty-one, bring the key to the gate – the spell’s undone. There are souls to save and work to do. But now the Huntsman’s hunting you.”

The setting of the story could be confusing to navigate, so make sure to familiarize your way through the doors, staircases, and halls. If you won’t, then you’ll be hunted by the Huntsman and be trapped there, just like the twelve orphans.

The Epitome of Horror Games Hunstman The Orphanage 3 - The Epitome of Horror Games, Hunstman: The Orphanage

Make sure to look at every wall, niche, and corner because you could find portraits that give huge clues to help you find the precious items easier. Some of the portraits also tell detailed back stories that could help you understand what exactly happened in the Grimraven Orphanage.

The game is the epitome of horror games. Most of the horror games today scare the players by jump scares, blood, and violence. However, Huntsman: The Orphanage scares the players through the stories of every character, the detailed sound effects,  elaborate graphics, and wise choice of words to bring out suspense and menace. One strong point of the game that brings out its eerie vibe is the way the voice actors portrayed each character.

Hunstman: The Orphanage is suitable for players who prefer games with interesting stories. Its remarkable narratives standout throughout the game. If you are interested you to know more about the game, you could click here.


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