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The Story in the God of War Series

The Beginning

The Primordial deities also known as Protogenoi, are the first gods and goddesses ever born. They are born from Chaos and Ananke. They form the universe and are immortal. The other gods have all descended from them. The fighting among the Primordials led to the creation of the universe and the Furies. The Furies were born from the drops of blood that came from Ouranus when he was castrated by his son Kronos. The Furies are three sisters named Alecto, Magaera, and Tisiphone. Alecto is the goddess of Anger and was in charge of punishing those who committed moral crimes, especially when used against others. Megaera the goddess of Jealousy punished those who had committed crimes of infidelity. Tisiphone, the goddess of Vengeance punished those who have committed the crimes of murder. The sisters seek retribution only for those they deemed guilty. The first traitors, the Hecatonchires who broke their promise to Zeus were punished by the Furies. They pursued and petrified his body to serve as an example of what could happen to traitors. The Furies were once fair in their judgment and punishment but changed when they conspired with Ares to overthrow Olympus. The goddess of Anger or the Queen of the Furies, Alecto bore a child with Ares with the desire to make a more powerful being but was disappointed when their son turned out to be weak. Their son is named Orkos. Orkos wished to earn his mother’s favor by keeping oaths. As Ares was still searching for a powerful warrior to help him on his plan to destroy Olympus, Zeus ordered him to search for his marked son which would overthrow him from his throne.

Ares went down to search for the warrior and discovered Deimos who was covered with a unique birthmark. Kratos, the brother of Deimos struggled to keep his brother and was easily swept by Ares. When Ares was about to finish Kratos off, Athena forbade him because his life bore no consequence. Kratos’ fight against Ares left a mark on his right eye and swore to never lose a fight, just like how he was defeated when his brother was taken away. He copied Deimos’ birthmark on himself to remember his death.

With his promise to himself, he became a successful warrior and soon rose as the leader of the Spartan warriors. He got married and had a daughter. His daughter named Calliope was born with a skin disease set out by Ares. Her skin disease was sore to the officials of Sparta, so she was ordered to be killed. Kratos consulted a healer who told him that his daughter could be healed by ambrosia, the food of the gods. He was able to obtain the ambrosia after a series of wars against those who wanted it too. His daughter was healed and continued to live. After this, the king of Sparta proclaimed him as the captain of the Spartan warriors. He led them to victory after victory despite his families’ wish against it. In another war, he faced a familiar enemy, Alrik. Alrik was one of the heroes who competed with him for the ambrosia. Alrik wished to give the ambrosia to his terribly ill father but failed. When Kratos and Alrik faced each other once again, Alrik fought with the desire to avenge his father’s death and overpowered Kratos’ army. When Kratos was about to die in the hands of his enemy, he called Ares to help him and swore allegiance. Ares saw him as a potential warrior to help him to accomplish his plan to destroy Olympus. Ares defeated Kratos’ enemies and gave him the Blades of Chaos. The Blades of Chaos are given to those who swore to serve Ares and are proven to be worthy of them.

God of Wars 1 - The Story in the God of War Series

Kratos fought under the influence of Ares and soon lost his humanity. Ares ordered him to destroy a place that worships Athena because of his jealousy towards his father’s favoritism. When Kratos was about to reach the temple of that village, an oracle warned him not to continue because something undesirable will happen. He disregarded the oracle’s warning and proceeded to destroy everything and everyone in the temple. After killing everyone, he realized that the people in the temple included his family. Ares transported Kratos’ family in the temple to make him more suitable for his plan. As Kratos went outside the temple, the oracle cursed him and binds the ashes of his family to his skin to always remind him of his terrible deed. After this, he became the Ghost of Sparta. The mortals knew this and refused to be saved by Kratos. He was then branded as the personification of cruelty and selfishness.

Kratos renounced his oath of allegiance to Ares, causing the Furies to hunt him down. He was tortured by the Furies with illusions. However, an oracle helped him and told him that the only way he could break his oath with Ares is to kill the Furies. After breaking his oath with Ares, he swore allegiance to the other gods in Olympus.

Almost the End

Helios, the Sun God has been kidnapped, allowing Morpheus (God of Dreams) to put the other gods to sleep. Kratos was tasked to find Helios to wake the other gods up. This mission led him to the Underworld, where he saw his daughter. As he followed his daughter, he was intercepted by Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. She told him that the only way he could meet his daughter again was to give up all his power given by the gods and become human again. After Kratos met his daughter, Persephone confessed her true intention which was to end everything and to free herself from her imprisonment in the Underworld. Kratos was bothered by this and reclaimed his powers back to fight the goddess of the Underworld despite his daughter’s plea. He defeated the goddess and was able to restore Helios to the Olympus. He continued to accomplish missions from the gods with the hope of seeing his daughter again.  Athena approached Kratos and told him to kill Ares with the condition of fulfilling Kratos’ wishes. Kratos was able to accomplish this but the goddess did not fulfill her promise. Kratos felt that there was no reason for him to live so he went up a cliff to jump off it. However, he was intercepted by Athena and was offered a throne in the Olympus, as the new God of War.  He continued to seek answers about his life and he discovered how the gods were just using him. He went down and led his Spartan armies to destroy Olympus. When he was about to kill Zeus, Athena threw herself to catch the blade. Despite this, he was still able to kill Zeus. After this, Athena appeared once again and offered another deal to Kratos but he refused it. Athena was disappointed and killed him. However, after this, his body was gone and traces of his blood led to the sea.

God of Wars - The Story in the God of War Series


New Game

Another game will be added to the God of War series, which will be released on April 20, 2018. If you want to be updated for this, click here. If you want other gaming suggestions you could always consult the Launch Crew.