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Things to Expect While Playing Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds Under Pigstruction a soft-launched game by Rovio was later introduced worldwide on July 30, 2015, as Angry Birds 2. As of February 2018, the game has over 50 million downloads on Play Store and has been receiving lots of positive reviews from the public. It has 42 exciting chapters with a total of 1,520 challenging levels to complete. What’s mind-blowing about this game is that it was meticulously designed, with its vivid graphics and highly detailed sound effects. As you play, you could see from the upper left corner of the screen, the actual expressions of the characters as the birds prepare to strike. The game opens with Chef Pig stealing the eggs from the birds and leaving with an airship. Red together with the other birds pursues the Chef Pig and his minions to retrieve the eggs.

Features Retained from the Previous Games

Characters: Birds

– Red (Leader of the Flock): first bird introduced and has a battle cry that could topple towers and structures

– Jay, Jake, and Jim (Good with Ice): released as a single bird but splits into 3 in the mid-air when their ability is activated

– Chuck (Good with Wood): has the ability to smash woods with its speedy attack

– Matilda (Explosive Spirit): expels a huge egg bomb that causes huge damage

– Bomb (Explosive Temper): can blow up structures and destroy stones

– Terence (Big, Bad, Bold): large bird that has bigger surface damage than the other birds

Characters: Pigs

– Minion Pigs: some wear costumes, some are bare

– Chef Pig: hungry for the King pig’s throne, boss pig

– Foreman Pig: steals the birds’ eggs to give to the King Pig, boss pig

– King Pig (King Smoothcheeks):  eats the eggs, final boss pig

Angry bird 2 - Things to Expect While Playing Angry Birds 2

For more information about the characters, see Angry Birds.



The same plot is also retained in the game, where the pigs steal the eggs from the birds. Then, the birds chase the pigs to retrieve the eggs.

New and Upgraded Features in Angry Birds 2

Maps, Bird Keys, and Feathers

Detailed maps are offered where you could find the bird keys to unlock a bird from its cage. This means that you need to select which bird would give you a strategic advantage and win the games. There are feathers specific for each bird. The more feathers you get, the stronger your bird gets.

Destruct-O-Meter, Items, and Spells

As you destroy the pigs’ castle, the Destruct-O-Meter gets filled up and once it does, you could get +1 bird card (the latest bird you used). When you hit the Golden Pig, the meter immediately fills up. Items acquired throughout the game could boost the strength of the birds. When you complete the full set of items, your slingshot gets upgraded. Spells are extra powers that could be used to attack the castles.

Daily Treasures, Gems, Daily Quests, and Feats

Every day, you could receive a prize from treasure chests, ranging from common to legendary chests, only the common chest is for free. Gems are used to purchase things in the game. Daily quests are tasks that offer rewards when you accomplish them. Accomplished feats have corresponding rewards too.

Playing Online

Connecting the game to your Facebook account allows you to save your progress and compete with your friends, making the game interactive and sociable.

Life, Layouts, and Extra Details

At the beginning of a level, you are given 5 lives. If you failed to solve a level or if you surrendered, you will get another layout to solve instead of the previous one.  If you used up all your lives, you could wait for a refill (one life every 30 minutes) or you could gain a life by using your gems or watching ads. The game is for free however there are also in-app purchases available. To make the game even more challenging, extra details such as fans, portals, and large flowers that eat and spit back anything thrown near them, are added in the layout which could give you an advantage or disadvantage depending on your strategy.

Silver (Looping Legend)

Silver is a new bird introduced in Angry Birds 2 which has the ability to spin in a perfect loop before damaging the opponents.

Mighty Eagle’s Shop

The Mighty Eagle’s Shop opens at the Bootcamp season. It is where different items such as rainbow feathers (could be given to any bird to increase strength), hats and animated avatars could be bought.


Among all the sequels of the Angry Birds series, Angry Birds 2 has the most updates and upgrades. More levels to play, more feats to achieve, more rewards to gain, more items to collect, and more strategies to use makes this sequel stand out from the other sequels of the series. Due to its complexity, the game could attract more adult players than kids. However, the game is still suitable for all ages. All of the retained and added features, especially the fresh challenges in every level make the gameplay more interesting for the players, enough to make them sit for hours just to play the game. All in all, Angry Birds 2 is the best among all the other sequels of the Angry Birds series. To play the game, visit the Play Store or App Store and download it straight from your phones or tablets. Play it now!

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