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Top 8 Mobile Games That You Should Start Playing This 2018

Most of the Android games that will be mentioned here might be quite familiar because they are based on old games and stories. Some readers might recall their childhood games and fantasies while reading this article. There are also games that are better with their previous versions because of their latest upgrades. The genres are tile-matching, action role-playing, puzzles, racing, platformer, and fighting. You could play with these games as you take a quick break from work or school, or you may play with them for a long time. Below are the top 8 games that you should start playing now.

  1. Angry Birds Match

top1 - Top 8 Mobile Games That You Should Start Playing This 2018

Angry Birds Match was released worldwide last August 31, 2017. It is a game of matching at least 3 objects to eliminate the pigs and get a high score. The rule is to play it by swapping the objects vertically or horizontally to finish a level. If you manage to match at least four objects, then you could get a bird which could help you complete the level. This game requires strategic thinking because you only have limited moves to finish a level. There’s also another Angry Birds game that is as exciting to play as this one, Angry Birds 2. To know more about Angry Birds 2, click here.

  1. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

top2 - Top 8 Mobile Games That You Should Start Playing This 2018

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy who likes to play games, then you should download Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. It was released recently last February 9, 2018. It runs with the same storyline as the other versions. Compared to its console version Final Fantasy XV, the pocket edition could be played with a simple tap and swipe. It is also easier to play compared to the other version because of its uncomplicated features. The game is centered on Prince Noctis who became king because his father died while he was on his way for his wedding. His friends join him on his quest to defeat the Empire.

  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

 top3 - Top 8 Mobile Games That You Should Start Playing This 2018

Fire Emblem Heroes is developed by Intelligent Systems and was released last February 2, 2017. Fire Emblem Heroes is a game about Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena from the Kingdom of Askr and their friends fighting to protect their kingdom against their enemies. Each character has different skills and weapons. The game has various modes to choose from. There is the story mode which is the highlight of the game, and the others are Training Tower, Special Maps, Arena Duel, and other special events. To know more about this game, see Fire Emblem Heroes.

  1. HQ Trivia

top4 - Top 8 Mobile Games That You Should Start Playing This 2018

This trivia game was released last August 2017 in iOS and in January 2018 for Android. It was developed by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll. This game is played with real money. It goes live on 3 PM to 9 PM EST on weekdays and 9 PM EST on weekends. You only have 10 seconds to answer each question. If you got all of the questions correct, then you’ll receive the prize. If you weren’t able to answer all correctly, then you could proceed to the next game. 

  1. Rules of Survival

top5 - Top 8 Mobile Games That You Should Start Playing This 2018

Rules of Survival can be played on three platforms: iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows. It was released last November 2017. It is played online with 120 different players. The game begins with the players being dropped off an airplane and must find weapons and survival kits to continue playing in the game. The game’s principle is the ‘survival of the fittest’. The last player standing wins the game. It is quite similar to the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), only that its graphics are less complicated and of course, mobile-friendly. You could play on your own or team up with three other players, depending on your strategy. To know more about ROS, see Rules of Survival.

  1. Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

top6 - Top 8 Mobile Games That You Should Start Playing This 2018

One of the latest games by Sega Europe and Hardright was released worldwide last November 2017.  The game is played online and you will race against three other players. Along the race, you will collect gold rings and use power-ups that allow you to increase your speed. However, you might also lose your gold rings if you can’t dodge the obstacles along the race. The game has seventeen characters to choose from, but you need to unlock them one by one. You could also upgrade each character so that it is easier for you to win first place. The first place has the biggest price among all the players. The game will give you a tutorial before you could compete against other players. To know more about the game, see Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

  1. Super Mario Run

top7 - Top 8 Mobile Games That You Should Start Playing This 2018

Super Mario Run was released for iOS last December 2016 but was released for Android last March 2017. The game has seven playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Peach, Toadette, and Daisy. Your character will run without stopping except when there’s a Pause Block. The game has six worlds with four levels each to complete. There are three modes to play: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder. Your goal is collect as many coins as possible. The blue meter is filled up as you collect coins. Once it is filled, your character can run into enemies to get more coins.

  1. Tekken™

top8 - Top 8 Mobile Games That You Should Start Playing This 2018

This game is developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment and was soft-launched last August 2017 in Canada. Now it is available worldwide to pre-register and to be notified of its official release. It includes three modes to choose from Story Mode, Dojo Challenge, and Live Events. Tekken™ will also feature their latest character, Rodeo. The game will have 100 characters to choose from and will be randomly unlocked. Each level is said to be challenging and dynamic. To pre-register and be notified, click here.

All of the games are visually stunning and have detailed sound effects. Most of these games are for free with in-app purchases available. Make sure that if you spend your money on these games, you’ve already deliberated on their pros and cons. If you want to download them you can click on Play Store or App Store.


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